Come with us as we taste Southwest Michigan wines!

Barry and I would like for you to join us in our exciting discovery of excellent wines grown right in our own back yard of Southwest Michigan!

Come explore with us these Southwest Michigan country roads, rolling hillsides, abundant lakes and beaches, and small-city streets.  There you will find the incredible treasures of 28 unique and excellent wineries from this picturesque grape-growing region. Taste the wide variety of vintages harvested from the vineyards and orchards which produce fine wines consistently producing regional, national, and international awards. Meaning, these Southwest Michigan wines are really delicious!!

If you haven’t already tried wine-tasting in Southwest Michigan, we will tell you, show you, and share with you the great fun and adventure of visiting tasting rooms. You can actually meet the winemakers, be served by the friendly staff, and chat with fellow wine-tasters in each of the beautiful and unique wineries of the region. Explore award-winning hard ciders or craft beer. Even if you’re with someone who wants more variety or isn’t the biggest fan of wine, these wineries can satisfy such preferences.

While we’re out-and-about visiting wine-tasting rooms…

You can see how fun it is to experience even more treasures of this region: great restaurants, fruit orchards, craft breweries, the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline, shops, local art, live music, distilleries, events, and fun things to do.

You will absolutely love the variety—and the experience—of tasting Southwest Michigan wines!

Excitement about the precious harvest of these vineyards is contagious, so once we got “bit by the wine-tasting bug,” we decided to produce a coupon card, Taste Michiana, to make it easy for you to go wine-tasting with your friends, groups, or you can just go solo (you can purchase Taste Michiana coupon cards at this website:

Wine experts we are not

We just enjoy the fun of tasting and comparing all different kinds of wines in this area, and hope that you will, too. And we plan on learning about them and enjoying the whole experience right along with you. So please come with us to Southwest Michigan…the wine is fine!