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Buy 4 Cards only $100 – save $20!


Discount coupons for:
• FREE Wine Tasting (valid for 2-4 people)
• 1/2 Price Wine Tasting (valid for 2-4 people)
• Paw Paw Brewing Company

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Each card saves you about $300 in wine-tasting costs. Remember your friends and family who would love to receive these cards as gifts, too. All wineries are ready to receive your coupons beginning Sept. 1, 2017; expiring Sept. 20, 2018.

Check out the line-up of our fantastic wineries for this year:
1. Save up to $14 at St. Julian Winery (in Paw Paw and Union Pier)
2. Save up to $20 at Fenn Valley Vineyards (in Fennville and Saugatuck)
3. Save up to $16 at Crane’s Winery (in Fennville)
4. Save up to $10 at Lawton Ridge Winery (in Kalamazoo)
5. Save up to $10 at Cogdal Vineyards (in South Haven)
6. Save up to $20 at McIntosh Wine Cellars (in South Haven)
7. Save up to $10 at Warner Vineyards (in Paw Paw)
8. Save up to $16 at Hickory Creek Winery (in Buchanan)
9. Save up to $20 at Vineyard 2121 (in Benton Harbor)
10. Save up to $42.95 at Henderson Castle (in Kalamazoo)
11. Save up to $16 at Baroda Founders Wine Cellar (in Baroda)
12. Save up to $16 at 12 Corners Vineyards (in Benton Harbor)
13. Save up to $10 at Contessa Wine Cellars (in Coloma)
14. Save up to $16 at Lemon Creek Winery (in Berrien Springs)
15. Save up to $12 at White Pine Winery (in St. Joseph)
16. Save up to $16 at Lazy Ballerina Winery (in St. Joseph and Bridgman)
17. Save up to $20 at Lake Michigan Vintners (in Baroda)
18. Save up to $21 at Paw Paw Brewing Co. (in Paw Paw) [Bonus Coupon]

Visiting all of our wonderful tasting rooms in “The Napa Valley of the Midwest” is so much fun, whether you’re “flying solo” or in a group; and there are many fun events scheduled as well, so be sure to check their websites for live music, parties, festivals, painting events, hayrides, etc.

Enjoy another wonderful season of Taste Michiana! Cheers!